Mail e foto sexy di bellissima ragazza ucraina…

Valerija, così si firmava uno scammer che qualche anno fa tentò di truffare un ignaro fruitore alle prime armi di, iniziò con l’inviare a Cris una mail in perfetto inglese (inusuale per una ragazza della campagna ucraina) alla quale ne seguirono altre, che riportiamo fedelmente qui di seguito complete di foto a cui erano allegate:

Hi there, Cris!

I like you from the first sight and now became interested in knowing you better. Thanks for writing at my personal e-mail address. I have made it recently for communication in the internet. It’s not for a long time i use dating site for meeting new people, it’s new for me as i live in quite small town and usually people here don’t use internet for communication and so on. By the way, i live in a town called Kolomija. I understand that this name doesn’t tell you anything :)It’s quite small town to the West of Ukraine, very picturesque and ancient, with interesting culture and hospitable people…Do you know something about Ukrainian culture? if no, it will be my pleasure to let you know as it’s very important for us to get to know each other better…if you are really serious of course. Because as for me, i am have quite serious intentions to find my second half through the internet as i dream about having a family, loving husband and cute children:) And what about your dreams? unfortunately first tries to find a good man here were not good and i had even troubles with some weird men who didn’t know what they wanted and were trying just to get some nude photos of me, but i believe that there are another men here, honest and able to love.

Oh, what i wanted to tell you more in my letter, it’s some basic information about me. So, well, my birthday is 28.09.1984, my height-167, weight-57. I have blond hair as you noticed:) It’s natural. I work as a teacher of music at school.

I will be very glad to receive a new letter from you soon and to find out more about you, my dear friend!

With best regards,


agenzia matrimoniale internazionale incontri donne russe stupende

da notare la finta ingenuità con cui si approccia all’interlocutore e l’invio di una prima foto molto discreta (in bikini…).

E passiamo alla seconda mail della splendida e dolce ragazza slava di provincia, anche questa evidentemente preconfezionata, adatta per qualsiasi destinatario:

Hi, Cris!

Frankly speaking, i am really glad to find new letter from such a nice man as you in my mail box! it’s very pleasant surprise and reason of my good mood now:)

So, dear Cris, thank you for the wonderful letter you wrote me. I don’t know is it easy for you to share your life with me through the letters, but at the moment i think it’s the only one way for us to get to know each other better as we are quite far from each other. Yes, not very easy situation, but i believe there is some romance in it:)…Writing letters is something really unusual, especially nowadays. By the way, i know English not bad, but not perfect still. I am glad that at least it allows me to communicate with you without any helpers. Only now i understood how right my mother was when she insisted on me learning English language:). You know, i have really wonderful mother and father…and two sisters. Can you imagine, there are so many women in my family:) My father sometimes going crazy with us:)

As concerns my job, i work as a teacher of music as you know.

I play piano and sing not bad:) I believe i am talented, but unfortunately not enough to become famous. But i don’t regret. I understand that it will be too hard to dedicate your life to people, to their attention and their love while as for me, i am very family oriented person and i dream to dedicate my life to my beloved husband and my children.

I am glad to find out more about your past, about your life and your expectations from it! i am pleased to notice that you are romantic person:) And i am pleasantly surprised that you are so well known with Russian culture which is so close to Ukrainian!

Ok, think it’s enough for this letter…Need to hurry to the lessons again. I am in very good mood! thanks to you:)

By the way, i write you from school, sometimes from the internet cafe, so don’t worry if i am not able to answer your letter immediately. As long as i have time, i am here, in the internet for you! ok?

Can’t wait to hear from you again!:)


agenzia matrimoniale conoscere serie donne russe ucraine

altra bella foto (in bikini tanto per cambiare) e toni che man mano diventano più romantici e da innamorata, pur mantenendo i contenuti assolutamente a senso unico (parlo solo di me, non chiedo nulla di te, così posso inviare questo testo a decine di interlocutori senza far troppa fatica).

Ed eccoci alla terza mail, con la bella Valerija sempre più innamorata e romantica (immancabile comunque la foto ammiccante):

Hi, Cris!

Valerija is here again! I see you are happy? Me too!:) Really, i have a great pleasure from our correspondence, dear! and i really want to speak with you on phone! why not to try if both of us have serious intentions about each other? if it’s so pleasant to speak with you through the letters, it will be twice better hearing your voice:). Just want to apologize i don’t have my own phone at the moment. I know that everybody nowadays have it, but i am different. And i don’t think it’s bad when you are not like everybody else! Anyway, the situation is that my old phone was broken and i haven’t bought a new one yet, but i am saving. Meanwhile i can propose you to call at my sister’s number. She doesn’t live with me (she is married), but she works with me at the same school and she is a teacher of English:) Anyway, we are usually together during a day and it won’t be a problem for her to ask me to the phone, be sure! Here is her number: +3095..(cut). Her name is Veronika. I will be really glad if you do that for us and call me from so far far!:) So, since about 10 o’clock till 6 i am waiting for your call!:)

Yes, i live with my parents. Veronika is elder sister. As i told you she is married and has a wonderful daughter. My younger sister is 15 years old.

Will tell you more with my next letters! If you want, of course:)

As for me, i am in expectation to the new small part of your life put into electronic letter!:)

Sincerely yours,


agenzia matrimoniale donne ucraine

Da notare i classici trucchetti tipici degli scammers: foto sexy, innamoramento immediato, disinteresse verso la vita privata degli interlocutori, richieste velate di aiuti economici (il telefono rotto e il bisogno di risparmiare della finta ragazza) e il difficile reperimento della persona negli orari e nei modi che non siano quelli decisi da loro….

Ed infine, eccoci all’ultima mail della stupenda velina dell’est

con la quale in modo indiretto ma evidente, chiede soldi per poter far felice una cara nipotina e far smettere di piangere i poveri cugini che non si possono permettere una bambolina da 60 Dollari !:

Hi, honey Cris! How are you today? How is your Christmas spirit? though we have Christmas at 7th of January, I am looking forward to it, and to New Year which is the first:) This is amazing time, which makes us to feel children again and to believe in miracles…

As for me, I’ve visit my cousin recently. My cousin is a nice girl, 27 years old. She is married and has a small daughter of three years. This is so cute girls with blue big eyes! I like spending time with her, in their house, which is always full of love and laughing. You know, i really admire this family. You know, my cousins’s parents, my aunt and uncle, died in car crash when she was a small girl and she left orphan. When she became elder she met a nice man who became her husband after some time. You know, what i admire most of all that this family doesn’t live very well, i mean they are not reach at all, but they always do their best to be happy and not to lose love in spite of hard economic condition. You know, the last time i was in their house, i helped them with decorating house for New Year and Christmas. My niece is so happy with all those preparations! Can you imagine, she seriously believes in Santa Claus! Her naivety it’s something lost by adult people and it’s a pity…As for me, i know how hard it is to believe in Santa Claus, and then to realize that he doesn’t exists because your parents simply don’t have funds to buy a present. As it’s our parents who make miracles when we are children! right? This year my niece won’t have a present from Santa Claus because her parents simply can’t afford this. She dreams about Barby doll which costs around $60, and even this is too expensive for her parents. You see, after all these problems with swine flu, they didn’t work for a long time and left almost without payment…First time i saw my cousin to cry because she can’t make her daughter happy…

Oh, sorry for telling you this everything, darling…It just touched my heart and you know that i share everything with you, sadness and happiness. This story may be is not so happy, but it’s only because i  can’t help my niece too…You can’t even imagine how much i want her to grow up and to believe in miracles in spite of anything!….

I like your idea of meeting in future, of course:)

Send you lots of love and kisses!

Take care of yourself!

Faithfully yours,


agenzia matrimoniale conoscere serie donne russe ucraine

A questo punto, Cris finalmente realizzò  e interruppe le comunicazioni con la splendida Valerija !

Fate attenzione amici miei, diffidate dei siti online, non saprete mai chi c’è dietro a quelle foto di meravigliose ragazze dell’est !

Un cordiale saluto dalla vostra Roksolana, titolare dell’agenzia You & Meet

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